We can help you learn how to Sell Your Home

Steps to Selling a House

6 Steps to Selling a House

On the surface, selling your home may seem easy, but using a Realtor can make a huge difference in how fast you sell your home, and the price you get for your home. By using Springs Homes to sell your home in Colorado Springs, you can rest assured that we have the experience to sell your home quickly, for a competitive price. We provide this streamlined path of the basic steps of selling a house in order to educate you in what lies ahead and some links to some "Dig a Little Deeper" articles that will help get you up to speed on some of the details of the process.


Preparing to Sell Your Home

From setting a list price, to sprucing up the front yard, a little effort in this first stage goes a long way to getting your home sold fast and for the best price.

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Home Showcase

We want your home to stand out in the sea of other homes available. Check out our marketing tools and equipment that will make your home look like a star!

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Marketing Your Home

Your home is on the market, now we need to make sure it makes a good first impression. Get staging tips that make a real difference.

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Waiting for an Offer

What do potential Buyers think of your home? If your home doesn't sell right away, what are the next steps? If you receive multiple offers, how do you choose the best one?

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Inspection & Appraisal

What to expect from the inspection and appraisal, and what can you be expected to fix to make the closing proceed.

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Closing on Your Home

You have made it to the paperwork phase. Learn what you need to do to make this step go smoothly without a hitch.

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Step 1

Preparing to Sell Your Home

We need to prepare your home for potential buyers. Decades of experience and hundreds of home sales have given us significant insight into what appeals to home buyers. The first thing we do is to get your home in "show-ready" condition. This may consist of minor cleaning or major de-cluttering. Remember, price and condition sell homes. The market controls price but you control the condition! Check out more of our hints on getting your home ready to sell.
Step 2

Your Home Showcase

This is how we create a wonderful first impression. We do multiple wide-angle pictures that show the entire scope of each room. These pictures are different than those of our competition. We encourage you to get online and compare. Many listings don't have pictures. Some buyers won't even look at a home without pictures.
Step 3

Marketing Your Home

Once we've collected all of the pertinent data, and photographed your home, we are ready to put the sign up. Generally, you receive the most showings in the first two weeks. It is important to make our best impression right away. Putting the sign and lockbox up before the home is ready is like starting a show without finishing rehearsal. Once the photos and videos have been taken and processed and all of the pertinent measurements of your home have been taken, we are ready to list your home. When your home officially goes on the market is something you will want to discuss with your Realtor. It is very important to be ready once it is activated because showings can begin immediately.
Step 4

Waiting for an Offer

Once the showings begin, you must have your home in "Show-Ready Condition", each and every time there is a showing. Remember, someone may schedule a showing 5 minutes after you leave your home, so make sure it is ready at all times. You should go through the Showings Prep Checklist each time there is a showing scheduled, or each time you leave your home.
Step 5

The Inspection and Appraisal

The inspection is our time in the house with a trained professional, time to discover the true condition of the property you are selling to the interested Buyer. This is why the choice of an Inspector is an important one. If the inspection yields any unsatisfactory conditions there are two choices, to agree to all conditions of the requests or to propose an alternative resolution. If an alternative resolution is proposed, the buyer has the opportunity to either accept the resolution or walk away from the deal with earnest money intact. The lender will arrange to have the property appraised. This is an upfront charge that the lender will collect at loan application. A professional, licensed appraiser will research the value of your home.
Step 6

The Closing Process

Once we have an accepted offer we are officially “Under Contract” on your home and in the home stretch. There are many documents to sign and items to prepare for the closing. We review the final figures making sure there are no excessive lender fees or erroneous closing costs. Our goal is to eliminate unpleasant surprises at the closing table.