Steps to Selling a House

The Home Buying Process in Colorado Springs Real Estate

The Home Selling Process

On the surface, selling your home may seem easy, but using a Realtor can make a huge difference in how fast you sell your home, and the price you get for your home. By using Springs Homes to sell you home in Colorado Springs, you can rest assure that we have the experience to sell your home quickly, for a competitive price.

We provide this streamlined path of the basic steps of how to sell a house in order to educate you in what lies ahead and some links to some "Dig a Little Deeper" articles that will help get you up to speed on some of the details of the process.



Buying a Home in Colorado Springs, Pre Qualification

One of the first steps in getting your home ready to sell is to determine the list price. Your Realtor will evaluate the condition and amenities of your home and comparables from the neighborhood to arrive at a list price.

How Much is My Home Worth?

Next, we need to prepare your home for potential buyers. Decades of experience and hundreds of home sales have given us significant insight into what appeals to home buyers. The first thing we do is to "stage" your home. This may consist of minor cleaning or major de-cluttering. Remember, price and condition sell homes. The market controls price but you control the condition! Check out more of our hints on getting your home ready to sell.



Needs Assessment in Colorado Springs Real Estate

This is how we create a wonderful first impression. We do multiple wide angle pictures that show the entire scope of each room. These pictures are different then those of our competition. We encourage you to get online and compare. Many listing don't have pictures. Some buyers won't even look at a home without pictures.



Area Tours in Colorado Springs Real Estate Buying Process

Once we've collected all of the pertinent data, and photographed your home, we are ready to put the sign up. It is important not to put the sign up too soon. Generally, you receive the most showings in the first two weeks. It is important to make our best impression right away. Putting the sign and lockbox up before the home is ready is like starting a show without finishing rehearsal.

The lockbox goes on when the sign goes up. Agents use this secure lockbox to gain access to your home for showings.



View Homes in Colorado Springs Real Estate Buying Process

Once the photos and videos have been taken and processed and all of the pertinent measurements of your home have been taken, we are ready to list your home. When your home officially goes on the market is something you will want to discuss with your Realtor. It is very important to be ready once it is activated, because showings can begin immediately.



View Homes in Colorado Springs Real Estate Buying Process

Once the showings begin, you must have your home in "Show-Ready Condition", each and every time there is a showing. Remember, someone may schedule a showing 5 minutes after you leave your home, so make sure it is ready at all times. You should go through the Showings Prep Checklist each time there is a showing scheduled, or each time you leave your home.



Prepare Offer for Buying a Home in Colorado Springs

Now comes the fun part. Springs Homes has some powerful marketing techniques to get your home in front of the most home buyers as possible. But, we find that home sellers can also participate in the marketing of their home. The best way a home seller can assist with marketing a home is through social media. We, as Springs Homes, will be marketing your home both on the internet, through traditional means, and also through social media. But, what we have found, is that home sellers have a huge advantage when it comes to social media. Expanding the marketing to include the home seller's network of friends and social connections is a huge win for everyone. We will provide you with a step by step guide in how to assist with the social media marketing.



Examine Contingencies for Buying a Home in Colorado Springs

Springs Homes uses CSS to schedule showings and consolidate feedback. The feedback you receive from Showings can be invaluable during the sale of your home. There are some items of feedback that will aid in the pricing or sale of your home, and there are some items of feedback that you have no control over. Your Realtor can be invaluable in interpreting the feedback and deciding which items are actionable and which items are out of your control.



Loan Application for Buying a Home in Colorado Springs

Once we have an accepted offer we are officially “Under Contract” on your home and in the home stretch. There many documents to sign and items to prepare for the closing.