Your Inspection Rights & Approximate Costs

As a buyer you have the right to have inspections of the property and its inclusions, prior to closing.  Once inspected, you have the right to object to conditions.  You may either ask the seller to fix them, or you may terminate the contract.  It's important to know what to look for because after closing, you own any problems with the property.  What many buyers don't know is just how many inspections are available.   Below is a list of options you may want to consider before you close.


  1. Home Inspection – to determine the condition of your home. One usually runs $300-$400. Price is based on age and size of home.
  2. Radon Test – to determine if your home has unsafe levels of Radon gas within it. One usually runs $130.
  3. Sewer Line Scope – To see if sewer lines are obstructed or working properly. One usually runs $150.
  4. Lead-Based Paint Assessment – to determine if the home contains lead-based paint (applies to anything built prior to 1978). One usually runs $300.
  5. Meth Lab Test – to see if your home has any methamphetamine in it. One usually runs $600 for whole house or $1000 for specific area testing.
  6. Mold Test – to see if your home contains dangerous mold. One usually runs $300.

*prices above are an estimate and may vary