Colorado Springs School Districts

There are many ways to search for a home in Colorado Springs. For many people, the school district is of primary concern and so they are interested in buying a home in a specific school district. The right school district for your children and family can depend on many things. These are all things that are important to parents looking for the right school district for their children.

  • Class size
  • alternative learning programs
  • sports offerings
  • student to teacher ratio
  • test scores
  • graduation rates

Here we give you a way to search for homes in Colorado Springs by school district. If you are not familiar with our area's school districts, use the map of school districts and the information below to acquaint yourself with Colorado Spring's best school districts and to find out what school district am I in Colorado Springs. Looking for other ways to search? Try our Search by Zip Code, Search by Neighborhood, or Search for Land for Sale in Colorado.

Map of Colorado Springs School Districts

Lewis Palmer School District 38 Peyton School District 23Falcon School District 49Academy School District 20Manitou Springs School District 14Colorado Springs School District 11Cheyenne Mountain School District 12Harrison School District 2Widefield School District 3Fountain School District 8Ellicott School District 22Woodland Park RE-2 School District

Academy D-20 School District

D20 District Information

1110 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 234-1200
Website -

Homes for Sale in Cheyenne Mountain School District D12

Cheyenne Mountain D-12 School District

D12 District Information

1775 LaClede Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
(719) 475-6100
Website -

Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs School District D11

Colorado Springs D-11 School District

D11 District Information

1115 N. El Paso Street
Colorado Springs, CO  80903
(719) 520-2000
Website -

Homes for Sale in Ellicott School District D22

Ellicott D-22 School District

D22 District Information

395 South Ellicott Highway
Ellicott, Colorado 80808
Website -

Homes for Sale in Falcon School District D49

Falcon D 49 School District

D49 District Information

10850 Woodmen Road
Falcon, CO 80831
(719) 495-3601
Website -

Homes for Sale in Harrison School District D2

Harrison D2 School District

D2 District Information

1060 Harrison Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Website -

Homes for Sale in Fountain Fort Carson School District D8

Fountain Fort Carson D8 School District

D8 District Information

10665 Jimmy Camp Road
Fountain, CO 80817
Website -

Homes for Sale in Lewis Palmer School District D38

Lewis Palmer D38 School District

D38 District Information

146 Jefferson St.
Monument, CO 80132
(719) 488-4700
Website -

Homes for Sale in Manitou Springs School District D14, what school district am i in colorado springs

Manitou Springs D14 School District

D14 District Information

405 El Monte Place
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
(719) 685-2024
Website -

Homes for Sale in Peyton School District 23Jt

Peyton 23Jt School District

23Jt District Information

13990 Bradshaw Road
Peyton CO 80831
(719) 685-2024
Website -

Homes for Sale in Widefield School District D3

Widefield D3 School District

D3 District Information

1820 Main Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Website -

Homes for Sale in Woodland Park School District RE-2

Woodland Park RE-2 School District

RE-2 District Information

155 Panther Way Woodland Park, CO 80863 (719) 686-2000 Website -