My Favorite Client
My ideal client would be Betty White. She knows how to laugh at life. She's always evolving. Growing old has never looked so good! And Betty would enjoy a pour over coffee just as much as a good ol' cup of joe from the neighborhood diner!

My Favorite Neighborhood
For me, the more character the better, so you'll often find me in and around Downtown and Old Colorado City. I love the charm, diversity, and history. Oh, the stories those streets and homes could tell...

My Favorite Thing to Do When No One is Watching
I regularly butcher all the lyrics to Hamilton (and other Broadway musicals) while driving around town searching for a place to plug in my all-electric car, Maple. I have also been known to binge watch entire seasons of This Old House and The Golden Girls.

My Approach to Home Buying
I view the home buying process much like my friendships. With my friends' best interests at heart, I pay attention to their lifestyle, interests, needs, and priorities. So like a trusted friend, I help my clients to sell their home or find that right place to lay their welcome mat. And hopefully, I have walked away with a new bestie! 

My Greatest Accomplishment
With a love of travel, I have mastered the art of packing in under 30 minutes for a trip of any length in one carry-on. I can also enlighten you on the secret to managing curly hair. It involves a very specific step-by-step process that includes a car shammy and some 80s hair gel. I am thinking about trademarking it as MTT, the Maggie Turner Technique.

My Biography
A Louisiana native, I have enjoyed calling Colorado home since 2001. I heart Colorado Springs something fierce. It's unique geography and diverse neighborhoods have fueled my passion for growth and development in the Pikes Peak Region. With a degree in Finance, I geek out about the numbers and help my clients reach the best bottom line. My background in project management and relationship management comes in handy as I am guiding my clients towards smart decisions to fuel one of their most important life transitions.

After 14 years, I am thrilled to be working with Springs Homes again as a Colorado Springs Realtor! When I am not cruising the streets with my clients, I can be found enjoying some wine and the latest indie film at Kimball's Peak Theatre. Or you might catch me complaining about my sometimes volatile, love/hate relationship with my curly hair.

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