Kelly Raffaelli

Licensed REALTOR®
Since 2006

Kelly is
  • full of life
  • spunky
  • fun-loving

Kelly Raffaelli is a doer and a mover and a shaker. Put her on the hot trail of a home to buy and she needs no direction or prodding. She is ON IT! It’s hard to catch up with her because she is all over the place…literally! She loves the Powers corridor and the Northeast side of town because her Buyers love the convenience and her Sellers love the quick closings.

Kelly loves the newbie. Whether you are new to town or a first time home buyer, she loves showing people the ropes…and the best burger in town, and the best park to walk your dog, the best downtown Ramen restaurant, and, well you get the idea…

Kelly wants
  • quality over quantity
  • to be helpful
  • a smooth transaction
Kelly loves
  • close friends
  • hiking in GOG
  • watching her son grow & learn
Did someone pass you on the trail with a stroller? Yup, that could have been Kelly. To schedule a team meeting with her in the summer is almost impossible unless we have the meeting at Garden of the Gods park. And if her son is along, all the better. The Springs Homes staff has to fight over who gets to babysit!

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    Kelly has been licensed since 2005 and she loves every aspect of being one of our Colorado Springs REALTORS®. Growing up in the industry has helped her understand the business. After being a REALTOR® and involved in new construction in Dallas, she decided to join the family business in Colorado. Her positive attitude and easy-going personality combined with excellent problem-solving skills keeps buyers and sellers at ease in difficult situations. She and her husband welcomed their first child in December of 2017. When they’re not chasing him all over the place, she enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family and friends and checking out local hot spots in this amazing city.