Joe Boylan

Licensed REALTOR®
Since 1997

Joe is
  • strategic
  • humorous
  • innovative

Joe Boylan loves nerds! Stick him and a nerd in a room together and there is no getting a word in edge-wise. Find a nerd who loves football, and it’s all over, sit and watch it all unfold. Joe is the impetus behind the technology and marketing side of the company. He is constantly trying new things and on the forefront of technology.

Joe shares Jennifer’s love of music and helping kids grow through music. He is active in Colorado Springs Youth Symphony’s Ovation Youth Orchestra and is well known for his tuba performances. He loves those big shiny grunt horns! Between giving youth lessons, practicing for his Brass Band and doing guest appearances, there is a lot of tuba in the Boylan house. Poor Jennifer!
Joe wants
  • awesomeness
  • more tubas
  • to make you laugh
Joe loves
  • the cutting edge
  • being the first
  • his golden retrievers

Springs Homes is Jennifer’s baby, but Joe was instrumental in the building the crucial foundation. Joe developed the website in 1997 when it wasn’t even cool. He loves technology and his favorite thing is to keep Springs Homes at the leading edge. Just don’t tell Jennifer that he has the company credit card!

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Joe has been a Colorado Springs REALTOR® since 1997 and as a first-year agent, he received the Real Trends Magazine, “Rookie of the Year” Award. Since then he has participated in hundreds of real estate transactions. 
He is a graduate of The Juilliard School and prior to his career in real estate, he worked as a professional musician, playing in orchestras and chamber groups in the United States and Europe. This experience fostered a strong work ethic and discipline. Joe leads the way in developing creative ways to use technology to market real estate. Additionally, he has extensive knowledge about the home building process and works closely with our Custom Home Builder partners.