Christina Garcia

Licensed REALTOR®
Since 2020

Christina is
  • invested
  • transparent
  • persistent

Christina is a straight shooter. Her matter of fact nature and her attention to detail will never leave you wondering where you stand. Her efficiency and laser focus means you will not waste a lot of time looking at homes that don’t suit your needs. She will get you on target!

Christina has seen all sides of the military life. From growing up military, to being a military vet, to being a military spouse, Christina gets it. If you have a military relocation in your future, Christina can guide you along the way. She is a great person to have on your side to lean on and she also makes it a lot of fun.

Christina wants
  • continuous growth
  • to help the military
  • you to enjoy the process
Christina loves
  • outdoor adventure
  • family time
  • baking

If Christina weren’t a real estate agent, we would send in her audition tape to the Great British Baking Show. This girl can bake! This passion of hers has not been great for our weight watching goals at Springs Homes, but it is always fun to see what she has up her sleeve.

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More About Christina Garcia

Christina is well versed in the military life. From a military brat, serving her time, and becoming a military spouse, she understands the struggles and obstacles military families face. So, don’t worry, she’s got your back.

She enjoys the outdoors and trying new crazy adventures is a must. But sitting back around the campfire star gazing with friends and family is her go to relaxing time.

Christina is always working on DIY projects from simple crafts with the kiddos to her own house renovations. There is no doubt she can capture your vision and bring to light.

One of Christina’s passions is baking. Not only is it a stress relief but the little ones love to jump in and help…it’s never too early to learn your way around the kitchen.