Wonderful Vista Grande 4-level, 5991 Eldora Lane

Wonderful Vista Grande 4-level, 5991 Eldora Lane

I have been anxiously waiting to blog on this one!! It's such a great little house on the Northeast side of town, but after a few showings it was clear the achilles heel for this home was the 1970s kitchen arrangement. When you walked in you saw the back of cabinets and the back of the range. The sellers agreed to make some recommended changes, by moving the awkward peninsula & upper cabinets from the middle over to a side wall. The change is amazing, please check it out for yourself or give me a call and I can show it to you.

WOW... The change is just amazing, the way it opened up. I bet the sellers don't want to leave now! 

In addition to this sweet kitchen change, this house has all the right spaces with 3 bedrooms + 2 baths up.... main level vaulted living, dining, kitchen ... lower level family with with brick fireplace... and basement partially finished with workshop or storage. The garage is oversized with bonus storage and workshop space as well.... and the back yard is so PEACEFUL, especially with some new back fence. 

Thanks so much for checking it out, please visit http://5991eldoralane.com/ for more photos, the listing video and more details. Contact me with any questions or for a personal showing. I can't wait to bring buyers through with this new kitchen!! 

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Important Home Inspection "add-ons"

Important Home Inspection "add-ons"

If you've ever bought a home or if you're in the process of buying a home, one of the most important and first things that happens is the buyers' home inspection. Depending on the size of the house, a general home inspection is $250-600 and takes 2-5 hours. If you have additional buildings, structures, etc those will all add expense. 

In addition to that, there are many other things you need to think about when it comes to your Home Inspection Rights and Costs. Some of these things are regional, specific to the state, climate, etc. Your real estate professional can advise, and your home inspector will also make suggestions. 

RADON - Radon gas is a prevalent issue in the state of Colorado and the region. It is a gas emitted from the break down of rock / granite in the soil. It's all over our area, but it happens to be heavier than the oxygen we breath, so it's tested at the lowest level of the home. Different companies administer test in various ways, but usually a minimum 48-hour test is best to collect data. Radon can be mitigated from $900-1500. Get more important information about Radon.

MOLD  - Most home inspectors will not claim to inspect for mold, but will check for visual areas that appear to have excessive moisture or discoloration consistent with mold. They will then recommend an environmental specialist to take surface and air samples to be sent to a lab. 

TERMITES - Termites are extremely uncommon here because of the cold winters (and maybe altitude). I will not say they don't exist, but in 14 years (hundreds of sales) I've had termites spotted by an inspector in 1 home. Sometimes foreclosures with out of state banks will require termite inspection, because it's common in other places. Sometimes that requirement can be waived. Again, good inspectors know the "flags" that might indicate an issue and will alert you to consult a pest control specialist. 

METH - one of my least favorite 4-letter words... ugh! Apparently Colorado is one of the most lenient states on multiple offenders, so meth use and cooking is fairly common. The sad part is the residue remains in everything... fabrics, drywall, etc. Meth tests can be done by environmental specialists as well, for $500-2000 depending on the amount of areas test. Mitigation requires going all the way to studs to completely remediate the space, to the tune of $thousands! People often think it's just an issue in poorer neighborhoods or downtown areas, but the sad fact is meth has been found all over the city all the way up into the million dollar price range. 

WELL  - For about $300 you can have a well company inspect all the equipment and perform a 2 hour pressure test. While this might seem like a lot, it can help find a hidden issue on a system seemingly working "just fine"... like the recent well pressure tank that needed replacement. Thankfully it was discovered before closing, giving my clients the opportunity to request replacement by the sellers! 

WATER  - El Paso county will do water bacteriological testing. It's not expensive ($40 I think), but the collection container and process are very specific and the county requires submission in a short amount of time after collection. In most cases the lender REQUIRES this test if the property has a well. 

SEPTIC - It used to be up to the buyer to inspect or request that seller have the septic inspected. Effective January 2015, the seller now carries the obligation and title will not transfer nor loan fund until a septic inspection is complete. This regulation is new to El Paso County, however other counties have been requiring this for a while. Each county or region has a list of approved inspectors on their website. Some are easier that others to bring into compliance. 


I hope this helps you (and doesn't scare you!) to figure out what areas are of highest importance. There are other inspections that might be required based on a lot of factors. After inspections are done, buyer has a right to ask seller for any number of items to be repaired or further evaluated by the appropriate professional (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roof, etc). The physical inspection phase is normally in the first 7-14 days of the contract. If you have any additional questions about Home Inspection Add-Ons, let me know.

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New Appraisal Guidelines

home appraisal

Did you hear? As of September 14th, there are new requirements for an FHA home appraisal

When a buyer gets a new mortgage, part of the loan process is getting an appraisal.  An appraisal is a formal opinion of value and condition.  This protects both the lender and consumer, in making sure the property is worth the contract price.  

In the past, FHA appraisers did focus on safety items.  But now, they are required to look at much more than ever before.  Below is a list of items your FHA appraisers will be looking at:


1. Appliances - they will check to make sure all are in working condition

2. Roof - they will have to actually go on the roof to ensure proper condition

3. Crawl Space - if the home has one, they will have to go inside and inspect it

4. Cabinet Doors and Drawers - they will have to open and close all to make sure they are working


If these items are unsatisfactory, the appraiser will condition them to be corrected.  Otherwise, the loan will not be approved. Should be interesting! Check out some additional information we have about appraisals.



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17650 Shahara Rd. 5-Acres

We have just listed a beautiful lot in the Canterbury Subdivision of Monument, Colorado. This 5.3 acre lot is zoned for horses and features a nice balance of trees and meadows. There are several great building sites amongst the mature ponderosa pines or in the open rolling meadows. What a great lot to build your new Colorado Springs Home.


Additionally, there are several walk-out basement possibilities. The lot would require both well and septic but the remaining utilities are already to the street. We have priced this lot at $185,000, If you have been looking for privacy in nature, you need to see this lot before it’s too late. For more information, please visit: http://shahararoad.com or give me a call.


Sahara 1

Sahara 3

Sahara 4

Sahara 5


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The Beginning of Fall

fall version II

You can tell Fall is around the corner.  Kids are back to school.  The nights are cooler now.  The morning sun rises a little later.  Soon leaves will turn their brilliant shades of gold and yellow.  What does this change of season mean for the housing market?  Well, historically Fall means a slower pace for home sales.  When families are focused on school and holidays and cooler weather, home sales usually diminish.


However, with 2015 being a record year for housing, it will be interesting to see just how quiet the Fall season is this year.  Here is a snapshot of what we saw through the end of August in the Pikes Peak area housing market:

*Home Sales January to August          UP 20% from last year

*Average Sales Price of a home          UP 7% from last year

*Condo/Townhome Sales January to August       UP 35% from last year

*Average Sales Price of a condo/townhome        UP 3% from last year

*Total Homes for Sale (inventory)     DOWN 17% from last year

*Total Condos/Townhomes for sale   DOWN 26% from last year

See how Q2 2015 wrapped up in our market report.




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