Your BestLight Photo Shoot by Springs Homes

Springs Homes has photographed many homes, so many that we have lost count. The lessons that we have learned through so many photo shoots has helped us develop our process down to a repeatable science. Our BestLight photo process aims to represent each room of your home in the most natural and accurate way possible. We want our BestLight photos to give people a feel for what it is like to be in the room and not surprise people when the room doesn’t look or feel anything like the pictures. People fall in love with pictures of homes on the internet, we want them to fall in love with your home when they are in it too.

What is BestLight Photography?



How to Get Ready for your BestLight Photo Shoot

The time that you spend getting your home ready for your BestLight Photo Shoot will pay off in the quality of your photos. Get your home ready for the photographer and keep it in this condition for all of your showings. For best photographic results, have this list completed PRIOR to the photographer’s arrival, and plan in advance not to be home during the photo shoot.

Throughout the House

  • Turn ON all of the lights and lamps and replace burnt out bulbs
  • Open all blinds and shutters and adjust to let light in
  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans
  • Hide stacks of papers/bills/magazines
  • Stash kids toys in storage containers
  • Clean all windows and mirrors
  • Remove all evidence of pets including carriers, crates, pet dishes and visible litter boxes

In the Bathrooms

  • Remove ALL items from bathroom countertops
  • Remove bathrobes and minimize the number of towels present
  • Put the toilet seats DOWN
  • Remove bath rugs
  • Remove ALL shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc.

In the Kitchen

  • Remove ALL items from kitchen countertops and horizontal surfaces
  • Remove EVERYTHING from the outside of the Refrigerator
  • Stash dishtowels and sponges
  • Hide trashcans and remove rugs

In the Bedrooms

  • Remove ALL items from tables and horizontal surfaces
  • Make Beds and straighten pillows
  • Remove excess blankets, throws and comforters
  • Hide trashcans

In the Living and Dining Areas

  • Remove all personal items/remotes from tabletops and open shelving
  • Straighten pillows, chairs, blankets/throws

Outside your Home

  • Remove your car(s) from the driveway
  • Stash away trashcans, basketball hoops etc.
  • Shovel snow from walkways, stairs and off of lawns
  • Mow the lawn and mulch if necessary
  • Remove ALL lawn equipment, debris, recycle and trashcans from sight
  • Roll up your hoses and hide sprinkler attachments
  • Open patio umbrellas

Laundry Rooms, Garages, Closets, and Pantrys will not be photographed unless specifically requested.