Which Cell Phone Provider Do I Choose?

Which Cell Phone Provider Do I Choose?

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I had a great weekend driving around in the car with some new home buyers from out of state. They traveled with their cell phones, naturally.  As we drove, we noticed that they keep losing cell phone service. Their signal was weak and they couldn’t get good connections. As their frustration rose, we started talking about cell phone carriers and the regional strengths of each one. I have always been a customer of AT&T and it was interesting to learn that they did not have AT&T.

A good friend of mine who lives in the East area of Colorado Springs, near Academy Blvd. and Maizeland, is constantly dropping cell phone calls and having to redial…very frustrating!  He does not have AT&T.

I mention this because it DOES matter who your cell phone provider is around here.  In Colorado Springs I personally have found the best service through AT&T based on where I live and where I travel for work.  I have found their rates are pretty competitive and I rarely drop calls.  I have good coverage throughout the area.  It is important…especially when your livelihood depends on it! Looking into it further, I found this handy websites where you can map out various cell phone towers by carrier


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