Where to Find Christmas Lights in Colorado Springs 2018

Where to Find Christmas Lights in Colorado Springs 2018

Where to Find Christmas Lights in Colorado Springs 2018A few years ago our family really got into driving around and looking at the remarkable Christmas lights in Colorado Springs. Since then, I’ve been hooked and this has now become a tradition

I am talking about the fantastic automated displays that people set up at their homes. Most of these displays are set up and coordinated to a musical soundtrack. You can actually stay in your warm vehicle and listen on your car radio while you watch the lights.

So, for the second year in a row, I have put together a guide, map and list of the appropriate radio stations of the best and the brightest automated holiday home light shows in Colorado Springs.

I also wanted to mention some “holiday light etiquette” because it’s easy to forget basic things when you’re in the moment.

  • If homes are crowded with long lines of cars, please just watch for one cycle.
  • Don’t block driveways of neighbors who need to come & go from their homes.
  • Park on the opposite side of the street & turn your lights off, but leave on your parking lights
  • A couple of homes collect donations for various charities. Feel free to donate.

The Best Christmas Lights in Colorado Springs:

5359 Rawhide Ln.6121 Bow River Dr.
90.3 FM
11183 Allendale Dr.9118 Sunstone Dr.
3148 Deergrass Pl
89.1 FM
3565 Windjammer Dr.
1894 Whitehorn Dr.
87.9 FM
1263 Schroeder Rd.
107.7 FM
1031 Amsterdam Dr.
88.5 FM
301 N. 15th. St.
821 Cardinal St.
97.3 FM
2570 Nadine Dr.
10284 Deer Meadow Circle
93.5 FM
237 Audubon Dr.
89.1 FM
6135 Kettle Fire
107.5 FM

Here is a Map to Help You Find These Wonderful Displays


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