What to Do with Your Poo… new El Paso County Septic Regulations

For all you city-dwelling folk, you may not care about this one, after all your personal waste gets whisked away by the city or local municipality’s sewer system.  For those of us living a little more rural, we handle it a bit differently. Septic systems are a large tank to handle waste from an individual home, which has to be pumped out (depending on tank size, persons living in the property, and use) about every 2-5 years. It’s super fun (insert sarcasm).. after living in our house 6 years we just had ours pumped for the second time. **helpful tip –  keep those doors and windows closed or the stink could grace your house for a while.Effective January 1, 2015 the “On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Transfer of Title Inspections” took effect – New county regulations are requiring that their approved inspector check and certify every septic tank on which the property will be transferring title. What this means, is if your home closes any time after 1Jan2015, you must have an approved inspector check your system. This list of approved inspectors can be found at http://www.elpasocountyhealth.org/services/site-wastewater-treatment-systems. Most of your usual septic companies are on the list plus others. In November there were a few names on the list, but with this regulation ramping up, they were able to add a bunch of names to the list.  I would speculate that a great majority of these will be fine, but there could be some damage to some systems. The program allows 90 days for repairs and re-inspection. I imagine if there is damage, it could delay some real estate closings. Because of this new requirment, loan underwriters will be aware and also require satisfactory inspection reports. So, if a system does not pass, I’m sure lenders won’t fund until the system is in working order by inspector standards. If you are about to sell your house, with septic system, you might go ahead and get the process started. Or you can consider waiting until you receive a contract on your property. The “acceptance document” priovided by El Paso County is good for 6 months, with a potential extension (obviously not all homes sell in 6 months).  As always let us know how we can help you find out if this or other county or state requirments apply to your home and property as you prepare to sell.