Q3 2018 Market Report for Colorado Springs

Q3 2018 Market Report Highlights

The Colorado Springs Real Estate Market has its ups and downs, but overall she acts in a pretty predictable manner. Looking at trends over time, you can see that traditionally Q3 serves as a bridge quarter prior to the slight slowdown that Q4 tends to bring. 2018 behaves right on target.

The third quarter of the year tends to be flatter because most families looking to move over the summer have already done so and are ready for school to begin in August.

The slowdown in Q4 always occurs because less people are looking to move over the holiday season and the weather and school schedules tend to occupy our time and energy.

Here at Springs Homes, the fourth quarter is a catchup time for us. We finally get some time recover from the busy season, fine tune processes and marketing and get ready for the rush of the new year.

Q3 2018 Market Report for Colorado Springs

The Housing and Building Association’s Annual Parade of Homes was so much fun this last August. It was filled with new building materials, new designers, interior design trends and homes that flat-out wowed us.

We encourage you to mark your calendars for next August so that you can find some home design inspiration, or finally meet the builder of your new dream home.

Colorado Springs Market Reports

Springs Homes has been producing market reports for Colorado Springs since 2010. The benefit of reading through these reports is to gain an understanding of the current market to see trends and to be able to predict what is coming up in the future.

Whether you are a home seller, or a home buyer, these market reports will give you an in depth understanding of the Colorado Springs market by area and price point which will give you an edge when heading toward your next sale or purchase of a home.

Visit the archive of our past market reports to take a stroll down memory lane, or download a copy of the current market report.