Q1 2020 Market Report for Colorado Springs

Q1 2020 Market Report Highlights

Q1 2020 will most definitely go down in the history books. On a positive note, the real estate market remained relatively consistent throughout the first quarter, but the impact to our society and our economy will be felt for years. The real impact to the real estate market is expected to be seen more drastically in the second quarter of 2020, because most of the sales transactions were already in the pipeline when the pandemic hit.

The last few weeks has brought some new challenges to the buying and selling of homes during the pandemic, as well as challenged everyday people with financial hardships. We are optimistic that the impact to real estate will be short lived and will be seen as a small blip over time.

On a brighter note, you will notice a new quarterly report design to start our new year. We made it brighter, easier to read and hopefully full of real estate data that is useful and easy to understand.

Q1 2020 Colorado Springs Market Report

Colorado Springs Market Reports

Springs Homes has been producing market reports for Colorado Springs since 2010. The benefit of reading through these reports is to gain an understanding of the current market to see trends and to be able to predict what is coming up in the future.

Whether you are a home seller or a home buyer, these market reports will give you an in-depth understanding of the Colorado Springs market by area and price point which will give you an edge when heading toward your next sale or purchase of a home.

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