Meet My Puppy!

What do puppies and real estate have in common…well not much other than I’m a Realtor who happens to have a new puppy.  Meet Clio, pronounced CLY-OH. She’s a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. It all started last month.  We had to put our adult dog down due to health issues.  We were devastated.  She was a family member, and to lose her rather suddenly and right before Christmas made it even worse. So, to assuage our grieving we decided to get a puppy, someone to help fill that hole left behind by our previous dog, someone to love and give our energy to.  Early morning on January 5th we drove excitedly up to the Denver airport where our new puppy would arrive.  She was sent on an airplane from a breeder in North Carolina.  Why a wheaten?  Well, one day I was at the car wash and ran into a man with an adult wheaten.  She was the perfect size…around 30 lbs., cute, smart, interactive, obedient and she didn’t shed!  Turns out they have hair not fur, so there is no shedding. I was especially excited about that since our last three dogs have all been very furry Chows! Clio is definitely much easier to groom.  A light daily brushing and eventually, regular visits to the groomer for “hair cuts” is all she will need.  Her hair is very soft, and I’m told she will lose most of the dark coloring and mature into a true wheat color as an adult. She’s a great sleeper and eater and is gradually learning to walk on her leash around the neighborhood.  She’s quite vocal and talks up a storm, which takes some getting used to. I’d say the only thing I wasn’t prepared for is the length of time it’s taking to completely house break her.  With dogs past, I’ve had them all house broken in about a week.  This one is definitely more challenging.  She gets the whole going outside thing quite well, but she hasn’t completely learned to leave inside when the urge hits. I must confess, this traning is exhausting!   Overall, I am very pleased with our decision to get this puppy.  But if any kind soul out there has some good advice on how to house break, I’m all ears!  Replies are welcomed and appreciated!      

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