By Brooke Mitchell on Friday, 04 September 2015
Category: General News

Labor Day weekend 2015

Whatcha doing this weekend?!

If you are in or around Colorado Springs this weekend there is so much to do! I will forewarn you, it's is parent's weekend at the Air Force Academy... expect busy roads and packed restaurants, especially on the north end of Colorado Springs and Monument!! I hope those families and many other fans enjoy a gorgeous day and a great football game at Falcon Stadium Saturday!

If you know my family, we love camping and being outdoors... well except on the holiday weekends (Memorial, Independence, Labor) because everything is so packed and there seems to be more drinking and danger. So, we lay low on the big holiday weekends. We are going to enjoy some family time for sure, just not camping in our beautiful mountains this time.

There was a lot of worry that the Labor Day Balloon Classic was cancelled effective after the 2014 event... which it was! However a new event has taken over.... the Labor Day Lift Off; and balloons will once again lift off each morning and glow Saturday & Sunday evening at Memorial Park near Union & Pikes Peak!! I would venture to guess it will be just as awesome as years past! 

Many of the events in the link below I have not personally experienced yet, but if you are looking for art, baseball, food, golf, cars, museums, outdoor time and so much more, please check out some of these ideas -

Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend in Colorado!!