Everyone Wear Green!

I’m totally wearing green tomorrow!  Admittedly, it’s one of my favorite colors to wear but that’s not why I’m wearing it.  Tomorrow there will be high ranking military officials in Colorado Springs, here to determine the pros and cons of military cutbacks at Fort Carson.  As a community, we are told to wear green in protest to these cutbacks.  It’s our way of telling the government that we want to keep Fort Carson and the local economy strong.  Here is an excerpt from our local paper, with more details on this: The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance hopes to make Feb. 3 look like St. Patrick’s Day in Colorado Springs as part of an effort to stave off military cuts.

Getting locals to wear green that day is part of a wider effort to impress Army brass who will be in town to hear public comments on cuts for Fort Carson that could eliminate up to 16,000 soldiers from the 24,500 now on the post. The alliance is working to pack the Army’s “listening session” downtown with boosters, including Colorado’s Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper.




“The Army is sending out some pretty significant officials,” said Andy Merritt, who oversees military affairs for the alliance. “We certainly want to be able to make sure those guys go back with a positive view of what is going on here.” The Army is dealing with a $900 billion financial squeeze over 10 years brought on by postwar downsizing of the defense budget and $50 billion in annual cuts mandated by a 2011 budget deal in Congress called sequestration. Last spring, the Army announced proposed cuts of up 16,000 soldiers at each of 30 installations, including Fort Carson. The move, Army leaders said, will allow the brass freedom to pick targets for a cut of 40,000 soldiers designed to trim the Army’s active-duty roster to 450,000. That makes it unlikely that any base will take the full brunt of the cut. But any cut worries business leaders in Colorado Springs, where the alliance says 50 cents out of every payroll dollar are tied to the Defense Department.” Around 50% of our local economy is military.  That is our stability.  Personally, military buyers and sellers are a huge part of my real estate business.   I encourage everyone to get out your green stuff tomorrow!


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