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Colorado Springs Sales Volume vs. Average Sales Price

We are in the process fo putting together our Q3 newsletter. When we do this, we take a comprehensive look at the Colorado Springs Real Estate market. This means comparing and contrasting a multitude of statistics, some of the outcomes make it into the report others do not. I am currently working on what I think is an interesting comparison, Number of Sales vs. Average Sales Price.

Not surprisingly, lower priced areas tended to have a higher volume of sales but as you might expect, buyers were a little discerning. In other words they looked at things like neighborhood quality, amenities, quality of schools and all of the other perameters you might expect when they chose where to buy. The table and charts below show just how and where Colorado Springs Homes Buyers decided to live:

Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Statistics
Number of Sales vs. Average Sales Price
January 1, 2014 Thru September 30, 2014 (Q1-Q3)

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Area Number of Sales Average Sales Price
Fountain Valley 954 $177,024
Powers 893 $207,070
Northeast 801 $219,517
East 638 $171,812
Briargate 567 $288,275
Central 552 $188,665
Southeast 544 $132,878
Southwest 532 $310,355
Tri-Lakes 437 $376,404
Northwest 395 $293,638
Falcon North 271 $260,009
Northgate 219 $353,542
Old Colorado City 201 $180,604
West 191 $270,385
Black Forest 149 $423,762
Mark Sheffel 102 $215,074
Falcon 92 $197,275
Manitou Springs 60 $314,325
Ute Pass 36 $233,561

I think the chart that accompanies this data is even more interesting as it does a better job of illustrating the gaps in certain areas.

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