Your Inspection Rights and Approximate Costs

Finding that perfect home can be quite the task, but getting under contract begins a whole other process. Now that you and the sellers have agreed on a price, you would be wise to order a home inspection. Your Realtor can help by providing several choices for an inspector. As a Buyer, you have the right to an inspection of the property prior to clo...
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The Home Inspection

colorado state real estate inspection clause
You’ve been out looking at homes. As a matter of fact, you’ve seen a lot of homes, so many that when you walk into the right one you know it immediately. Your Realtor writes an offer and you work out the pricing and other terms, you are “under contract”. Then it hits you, you really don’t know much about what you are buying, you know how the house ...
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Why Buyers Should Get Sewer Inspections

Why Buyers Should Get Sewer Inspections
A lot of first time homebuyers may not be aware that sewer inspections are not part of your routine home inspection. This is so important. Buying a home & moving is stressful enough as it is. Finding out that you have a bad sewer line after closing would just add to that list. Sewer line inspections can range from about $150-$300. Plumbers will...
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Negotiating After the Home Inspection

Home Inspection Negotiation
home inspection
As real estate agents, we'd like every home we show our home buyers to be in perfect condition. Unfortunately, even homes that appear to be in pristine condition can have serious problems under the hood. This is why we even recommend a property inspection on every home we sell, including new builds. Colorado's Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate C...
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Everything You Need to Know About Radon

You've found your home, you've written an offer, it's been accepted and you are “Under Contract”. Now it's time to find out what the real condition of this property is. In order to accomplish this you are going to want to do a "Property Inspection". When you schedule the inspection, you should be asked to decide if you want the inspector to pe...
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