5 Things to Do This Weekend (Oct 29, 30) in Colorado Springs

5 Things to Do This Weekend (Oct 29, 30) in Colorado Springs

Star Trek: The Final Frontier - Sat Oct 22, Sun Oct 29 7:30pm, Pikes Peak Center, 190 S. Cascade Ave.

Admission: from $23. Everybody knows the music from Star Trek. Come enjoy the Colorado Springs Philharmonic perform the music from 50 years of Star Trek. Emceed by Jeffrey Combs, an actor on Star Trek, this may be a way to introduce your children to classical music without the fight. For more information: www.csphilharmonic.org

Southern Colorado Children's Art Festival - Sat Oct 29, 11:00 am-5:00 pm at Chapel Hills Mall, 1710 Briargate Blvd

Admission: free. Perfect for your art-obsessed children, this festival at the Chapel Hills Mall features a costume parade at 11:15am, interactive art projects and live shows and performances by regional youth arts organizations. For more information visit the Chapel Hills Mall website.


Emma Crawford Coffin Race and Parade, Sat Oct 29 12-3pm, Downtown Manitou Springs

Admission: Free. If you haven't seen the costumes and crazy coffins, it is well worth the trip. A very popular tradition in Manitou Springs since 1995, 70 teams race through downtown in full costume for prizes. Festivities in Soda Springs Park to follow along with "Ghost Stories of Old Manitou" Walking Tours. For more information: http://www.emmacrawfordfestival.com/.


DIY: Learn to Make Sushi, Sat Oct 29, 2-4pm, Pikes Peak Library, Rockrimmon Branch

Admission: Free. If you are over 16 and have a love for sushi, why not learn to make it for yourself? This program hosted at the Rockrimmon Library by a sushi chef, will give you tips on purchasing ingredients, how to roll your sushi and all the basics to impress your friends at your next dinner party. Registration required: http://ppld.org/programs/rockrimmon-library


Halloween Cool Science Style, Sat Oct 29 1:30pm - 3:00pm, Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, Woodland Park

Admission: free with museum admission. The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is getting in on the Halloween spirit. Have fun with a parade, interactive exhibits and experiments to celebrate Halloween. Make glow in the dark slime, instant worms, invisible alien eyeballs, eerie fog bubbles, creepy noises, shoot fog rings and more. More information can be found at: http://www.rmdrc.com/.


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Colorado Charm in Walden Photo Journal

This photo shoot was in the Walden subdivision of the Tri-Lakes area. This is a beautiful area, large lots, plenty of trees and some awesome views. This was a newer home, so there were lots of challenges but at the end we were really happy with the results.


The amount of contrast between the light and shadows here on the exterior of the home made us decide to do a 5 bracket tonal compression. It really evened out the image and gave it a natural look.

BakersFarm Entry 

Portrait angled shots are generally difficult to deal with on real estate websites as well as in the MLS. We couldn't resist this one though. As you look back towards the door it is the focal point of the front of the house. 

BakersFarm LivingRoom

This great room living room is was just soaked with sunlight. We wanted to maintain the views of some of the vegetation through the windows while showing the room was warm and open. In order to accomplish this we did a 7 exposure "Fusion" this helped maintain the actual look and feel of the room.

BakersFarm Kitchen 

Once again in the kitchen we used a 7 exposure to give the room a warm and natural look. 

BakersFarm Nook


BakersFarm FamilyRoom 2



BakersFarm FamilyRoomAlt 2



This image was taken from our "drone" we tried to minimize the contrast between shadows and sunlight. We did a virtual HDR image for this one, using RAW files to simulate an actual HDR image. We were not able to get usable brackets because it was windy and the drone was moving all over the place.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about our listing services, please contact us or give us a call 719-388-4000

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3945 Gorge View Place Photo Journal

3945 Gorge View Place is an impeccably maintained 4-level home located in a truly unique neighborhood. Sunset Mesa, is a hidden gem of a neighborhood right in the heart of Northeast Colorado Springs


Gorge View Exterior


This exterior shot is a 3 exposure HDR image. We used the aspen tree to the right in order to block the sun which was behind the house when we shot this. The leaves provided a nice bright green accent in the upper right hand corner. Additionally, the position of the sun kept the living areas full of natural light for the entire shoot.


Gorge View Kitchen


In this Kitchen, we wanted to capture a clean, even feel while bringing attention to the hardwood floors. In order to accomplish this we used a 7 bracket "Exposure Fusion".


gorgeview familyroom


This Family Room was located at the back of the house, there was a ton of sunlight streaming in through the windows. We did a 9 bracket fusion. This allowed us to show the room as it appears to the eye. Notice you can see foliage through the window. A standard image would have shown the window as completely "blown out" (over exposed).



Backyard Picture


The backyard was a 3 exposure HDR tone compression image. We shot it this way because there was such a wide contrast between the shaded and sunny areas. Tone Compression seems to work really well in this kind of setting.


gorgeview diningroom


gorgeview livingroom


gorgeview nook


The remaining images are 7 bracket "Exposure Fusions". We shot this way because we wanted to have a clean even look on the inside while maintaining the view through the windows into this beautiful lot.


For more information on this house please visit: https://www.springshomes.com/mls/2577820-3945-Gorge-View-PL-Colorado-Springs-CO-80918

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5 Things to Do This Weekend (Oct 22, 23) in Colorado Springs

5 Things to Do This Weekend (Oct 22, 23) in Colorado Springs

Fine Art & Craft Show - Sat Oct 22, 9am-4:30pm, Sun Oct 23, 10am-4pm Lewis Palmer High School

Admission: $5. Hosted by Creative Crafters, this art & craft fair has everything from handmade and commercial wares to yummy food items. For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Strange Parade, Tribute to the Doors - Sat Oct 22, 7:00pm at Stargazer's Theatre

Admission: starting at $12. A Doors tribute band is about to rock the Stargazer's Theatre. Starting at Karaoke nights at CU Boulder, this band developed into the band it is today. For more information visit: http://stargazerstheatre.com.


Great Pumpkin Festival, Sat Oct 22 10-3pm, West Colorado & 25th Street, Old Colorado City

Admission: Free. A pumpkin weigh-off, Sidewalk Sale, costume contest, Giant Kid's Zone and more. Great fall festival for the whole family. For more information: http://shopoldcoloradocity.com.


Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival, Fri -Sun, Various locations around Breckenridge

Admission: Various. If you love the Great American Beer Festival, and you are a fan of spirits, this is the festival for you. The 3-day event hosts lectures, tours open houses and an after party on Saturday night. For more information: http:breckenridgecraftspiritsfestival.com


Citizen with a Country, Sat Oct 22 7:30pm, Sun Oct 23 at 2:30 pm, Pikes Peak Center

Admission: from $23, Kids free with purchase of an adult ticket. The Colorado Springs Philharmonic presents this wonderful mix of Dvorak and Brahms which looks at life's greatest tragedies, a thwarted love affair and the fight for a country's independence. More information can be found at: http://www.csphilharmonic.org/.


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Real Estate Photography

Online listings and more specifically, property photos have become the new first showing. Buyers no longer want to waste time slogging through dozens of homes in order to find “The One”. Like it or not, todays buyers eliminate properties based on first impressions. Great property photos motivate homebuyers to move those homes to the top of the stack. Good Realtors know this and insist on the highest quality photos.  


Good quality images are generally described as being clean, clear, bright and even. Additionally, the expectation is that the shots will use a wide angle lens in order to clearly showing the entire room. Great photos should convey emotions as well as a sense of comfort and style; a place that would make you happy to live in.  


Professional photography starts with professional equipment. Modern DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are ideal for real estate work. These cameras give the photographer the ability to realistically see what they are producing, allowing the experienced photographer to make adjustments for different lighting conditions. Additionally, the DSLR allows the photographer to change lenses, as needed. If your property pictures are done with a phone or point and shoot camera, you will want to take a look at the results before going live, especially when compared to other homes on the market.  


The next step for any professional real estate photographer is going to be post production work. This involves color correction, white balance adjustments, vertical adjustments from effects of wide angle lenses and more. Truly great photographers will take the post production process a step further and produce “enfused” or “HDR” (High Dynamic Range) images. Both of these treatments require a lot more work but in the end provide much more photorealistic images, ones that really stand out from the pack.  


The human eye, perceives a much wider dynamic range of light than any camera possibly can. HDR Photography techniques like “Exposure Fusion” and “Tone Mapping” processes compensate for the camera's lack of dynamic range by allowing the photographer to take multiple images of a single scene. These images cover the range from seriously under exposed to very overexposed. The photographer then uses special software in order to merge these images, adjusting the pixels based on the overall image. The resultant image shows a significantly wider dynamic range than any single image can. Here is a side by side comparison of a "properly" exposed single image and a Exposure Fusion version of the same scene.



normalexposure enfused
Normal, appropriately exposed image Exposure Fusion Version


The Exposure Fusion version shows a much more even, clean look without changing the fundamental look of the room. In order to accomplish this, we used the following 7 total exposures. These were processed in PhotoMatix Pro and the rendered as the resulting Exposure Fusion above.


strip 7 strip 6 strip 5 strip strip 2 strip 3 strip 4


The second option we have when working in a program like PhotoMatix Pro, is to render the image with "Tone Compression". We have found this process to be helpful but only in certain cases. We feel like the images result in a fake or overprocessed look. Here is the same image rendered as an HDR image with tone compression:


HdRed enfused
HDR with Tone Compression Exposure Fusion


We feel like Tone Compression give the images a fake, over processed feel. Since our goal is to realistically show our for sale listings in the best possible light, we primarily use the fusion method.


No matter what processing techniques the photographer uses, it is the Realtor's job to make sure their for sale listings are presented in the best light possible. If you have any questions about Real Estate Photography or are interested in talking to us about selling your home, please give us a call.



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