925 Ridgebury - Fountain Gem

Wow, this has been a hot property... lots of interest, and I'm sure you'll understand why! 


This 1 1/2 story is located on a corner lot and backing to open space, such an enjoyable location! The owners have added Brazlian cherry floors and capped of the window ledge and stair rail, plus taller base boards create a custom home feel. The master is also on the main with vaulted ceiling and attached bath. The upper level is a great loft and 3rd bedroom, plus 2nd full bath. 


Off the main level is a deck which steps down to the huge patio, large yard and included storage shed. 

For more info, send me a message or check out the pictures & video here -- http://ridgeburyplace.com/ 

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What to do About Household Hazardous Waste



Household Hazardous Waste is defined by the EPA as:

Leftover household products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, and/or reactive ingredients. Products, such as paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides, that contain potentially hazardous ingredients require special care when you dispose of them.

These items always seem to be an issue when it's time to move, people often leave them behind because the just don't know what to do with them. Identification and proper disposal of these items is important for several reasons, least of which are human health and safety. For example, used motor oil is insoluble, slow to degrade, and can contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Household batteries contain cadmium, lead, mercury, copper, zinc, manganese, lithium, or potassium, which are all know to be hazardous to the environment and human health.

Due to their toxic nature, items categorized as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) need to be disposed of at an appropriate facility. Fortunately, El Paso County has a Hazardous Waste disposal facility and drop of HHW items is free for El Paso County residents.

The facility is located in the Powers area at 3255 Akers Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80922. This is between Constitution Ave. and North Carefree Circle, just West of Marksheffel Road.



For a complete list of what types of waste the facility collect as well as information on hours, please visit their website Click Here

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Colorado Springs Sales Volume vs. Average Sales Price

We are in the process fo putting together our Q3 newsletter. When we do this, we take a comprehensive look at the Colorado Springs Real Estate market. This means comparing and contrasting a multitude of statistics, some of the outcomes make it into the report others do not. I am currently working on what I think is an interesting comparison, Number of Sales vs. Average Sales Price.

Not surprisingly, lower priced areas tended to have a higher volume of sales but as you might expect, buyers were a little discerning. In other words they looked at things like neighborhood quality, amenities, quality of schools and all of the other perameters you might expect when they chose where to buy. The table and charts below show just how and where Colorado Springs Homes Buyers decided to live:

Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Statistics
Number of Sales vs. Average Sales Price
January 1, 2014 Thru September 30, 2014 (Q1-Q3)

{tabulizer:include style[gr.alterora.elemental_2_blue.css] id[tab_gzGkh1XETw]}

Area Number of Sales Average Sales Price
Fountain Valley 954 $177,024
Powers 893 $207,070
Northeast 801 $219,517
East 638 $171,812
Briargate 567 $288,275
Central 552 $188,665
Southeast 544 $132,878
Southwest 532 $310,355
Tri-Lakes 437 $376,404
Northwest 395 $293,638
Falcon North 271 $260,009
Northgate 219 $353,542
Old Colorado City 201 $180,604
West 191 $270,385
Black Forest 149 $423,762
Mark Sheffel 102 $215,074
Falcon 92 $197,275
Manitou Springs 60 $314,325
Ute Pass 36 $233,561


I think the chart that accompanies this data is even more interesting as it does a better job of illustrating the gaps in certain areas.


Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics

If you would like to receive a copy of our Quarterly Market Report, sign up here

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Where was Little London?

Colorado Springs Known as Little London

In the early days of Colorado Springs, the city was known as "Little London". At one point there were actually over 2,000 immigrants from Great Britain living in El Paso County, that was 1 out of every 5 residents.


This phenomenon was due in large part to the fact that much of the money raised by William Palmer to develop both Colorado Springs and the "Denver and Rio Grande Railroad" came from English Investors.


Colorado Springs residents evidently became "quite British" according to Patricia Farris Skolout, in her book "Colorado Springs History A to Z. Residents carried umbrellas, celebrated English holidays, flew the English flag on Queen Victoria's Birthday, played cricket and rugby. The police in Colorado Springs at that time were even called "Bobbies".

little london bobbies

Vestiges of our British past still exist today. For example, The Broadmoor Hotel still hosts afternoon teas from Monday through Saturday. One of our favorite bakeries is the "Little London Cake Shoppe" and many of the streets northeast of the Broadmoor Hotel are named for the old polo grounds that were housed in that area. So, although the name "Little London" and the atmosphere are long gone, you can still find pieces of that history, if you know where to look.

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Remember to Vote!

Tuesday, June 24th, is Primary Election Day in Colorado.  This is the day when U.S. Citizens have the opportunity to voice their opinion and vote for local and regional government.  I am grateful to live in a country where my vote does count, where I have a say in how government is run.


I wouldn't want to live in Great Britain.   There they have a monarchy, where government consists of royalty such as a Queen and/or King and a parliament.  The royals are not voted in by the people, and government is not as easily changeable.  And citizens pay higher taxes than we do.


America was founded on democracy, a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens. In the ever-famous Gettysburg address, delivered by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, we heard the words..."a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It's OUR government. It's our freedom. It's our privilege to vote!


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