Colorado Style + Southern Charm = 8425 Garrison Rd

Colorado Style + Southern Charm = 8425 Garrison Rd

This sweet house is a beautiful combination of Colorado and the south! Beams & stone inside and out, plus plenty of finished space, storage, bedrooms and yard! This might be the perfect home for entertaining, all just minutes east of Colorado Springs in Falcon North with easy access to Air Force Bases! 


10 foot + main level ceilings, wood beams, ceiling fans, tall windows, open floor plan, deck and back yard view. Three main level bedrooms, to include a generous master suite with walk-in closet (convenient niche drop into laundry), custom tiled 5-piece bath. 

Open, custom kitchen with tall cabinets, raised counter height, pantry, gas range, open to everything... the true heart of this home! 


The basement includes 2 large bedrooms and a bath with separate vanities. The Recreation Room just needs some framing and drywall.... but it's usable as is for excerise and gathering space! 


The back yard starts with a deck and leads down to a firepit area for outdoor gatherings, plus ample yard space all fenced. 


For a personal tour or more info, please contact Brooke Mitchell

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Ringing in the New Year


As we wrap up 2015, I want to thank you all for your business, referrals and friendship.

I am so grateful to do this work and for all of you, for making this a wonderful year!

Here is what our Colorado Springs real estate market saw in 2015 (as of November 30th) :

Single Family Home Sales Up 17.6% from last year
Condo/Townhome Sales Up 29.9% from last year
Average Price of a Single Family Home Up 7.1% from last year
Average Price of a Condo/Townhome Down .2% from last year
Number of Single Family Homes for Sale 2,627 total (down 10%)
Number of Condos/Townhomes for Sale 219 total (down 13.4%)

I wish you all a safe and happy 2016. Feel free to give me a call for any of your real estate needs. Happy New Year!!!

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Getting Your Homeowner's Insurance Refund

picture of insurance

Did you know there might be money waiting for you?   And if you don't claim it, it may never be yours to keep.  I am referring to homeowner's insurance refunds. 

When you buy a home you purchase homeowners insurance for it.  And most of us have that insurance policy premium paid by our mortgage lender.  In this case, every month a portion of your house payment goes towards your property taxes and homeowners insurance.  That money is kept in an escrow account by your mortgage lender, and annually when these expenses come due your lender actually sends the payments for you. 

When you sell your home, after the sale your lender will mail you a refund check for the monies still sitting in your escrow account.  That check usually arrives within 3-6 weeks of closing.

But if you do not actually call to cancel your homeowners insurance, then the premium already paid will not be refunded.  The insurance company has to be notified to cancel the policy.  Once you do that, they have to refund the portion of the year's policy which you did not use.  Example, if your homeowners policy begins every November 1st, then your annual premium is paid at that time.  If you sell your home six months later, you have only used six months worth of your policy.   But you have already paid for the entire year, so a refund is now due for the unused portion.

Be sure to call your insurance company and tell them you sold your house and want your refund for the unused portion of the year.  Otherwise, that's money you'll never see again!

If you have any other questions, feel free to give me a call.

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So You Married a Realtor

So You Married a Realtor

So you thought, sure, it would be great if my spouse is a Realtor... they'll have a flexible schedule and be able to help pick up kids from school and have occasional lunch dates... and then you realtize the unfortunate truth.

* It's pretty likely you'll be stood up on dates, because well, somebody walked into the office at 5:30pm to see 4 houses and of course write an offer... which is probably a competing offer, so we need to do it RIGHT NOW! 


* "I'll be home in 10-15 minutes"... actually means 30-45... or more (see above)


* Your spouse will be going to strangers' homes at all hours of the day to show them to other strangers... but it's fine... equipped with a stun gun (or in some cases, we actaully carry)


* Some of these "strangers" might just become our new BFFs, so be prepared to have awkward meals at random so we can figure out which ones will be lifelong friends. 

* We'll also be spending our money.. or ya know, financing again some marketing materials so we can tell all our current friends that "I'm becoming the best Realtor in the world, wanna help me get started?"

* And we'll be using this beautiful car (which should always be clean despite also carting my family in it and living on a dirt road) to drive to the nice homes all over town... oh, but also on the dirt roads of Woodland Park and Peyton properties. (it's fine, we'll be able to write off that mileage!) ** full disclosure, that's not our Camaro, but I'd take  it


* All Realtors "need" the classiest cars... even though we aren't making money when we start out, so we'll just finance everything, write it off in the hopes of striking it rich. 

* Plus I'll be gone for networking events in the evenings / weekends and volunteering whenever I can to help my community... "so you can get the kids today, right?...and next Tuesday... and Friday...?"

* Not only that, but this computer that I'm typing on (financed too, right?) will be on my lap while we watch TV in the evenings... and I'll check my smart phone for offer responses as soon as I get up in the morning, plus whenever else I'm not eating with my family. 


* Also, we'll be insanely particular about pronoucing REAL-TOR correctly.... some more than others. 


* When we have kids (we'll have time, really!)... they will learn fun real estate terminology like granite tile inlay (from my eldest son when he was 4-yrs-old) or the important difference between offer & contract... and the difference between a listing and selling broker. I laughed when my sick boy went with me after school drop of and he was excited to "see what I do after you drop us off".. like it's ever that same.. HA!


* I'll sometimes refer to our adorable additions as my little assistants when they have to accompany me on an appointment, thankfully not too often. 


* When sellers can't make it home, I'll occasionally open the house, set security systems, walk their adorable dogs (no I don't do cats because of allergies ;-) ), and re-secure properties. 


I know... lots of sarcasm and funny... but this business is seriously nutty at times. Thank God I have the most amazing, faithful husband on the planet. After 14 years he might kinda sorta be used to the craziness.

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Show Me the Money!

Show Me the Money

When purchasing a home, personal checks are not accepted at the closing table.  “Good Funds” as our contracts call money due at closing, will need to be either a cashier’s check or wire transfer. A cashier’s check is simple to obtain. Usually you can purchase one at your bank. These work well when you have a down payment to bring.


BUT be aware! There are limitations as to how large a cashier’s check can be.  Example, if you are a cash buyer and need to bring a sizeable amount to closing, the title company will probably require you not bring the whole amount in the form of a cashier’s check. I recently had a closing where this very thing happened. The title Company conducting closing would not allow the buyer to bring a large cashier’s check for his purchase. He had to wire money in advance or we couldn’t close.


Wire transfers are pretty simple.  You go to your bank and give them the title company’s wiring instructions. Your bank will then send the wire for you. But, wire transfers do take some time to show up.  All wire transfers have to go through the Federal Reserve Bank which is located on the East coast.  So wires can take a few hours to route correctly.  And if you send a wire in the later part of the day, keep in mind that it may not show up until the following business day.  East Coast hours do apply and the cut-off time is 3pm East Coast time.


On the other hand, earnest money deposits (up-front monies) can usually be in the form of a personal check.   Money stuff is always complicated.  One of the many reasons you hire a Realtor, so you don’t have to figure all this stuff out for yourself! If you want to learn more, check out our finance videos for Buyers or simply give me a call!

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