Being a Realtor Is About Personal Relationships

Being a Realtor Is About Personal Relationships

Over the years my clients often become friends.  After all, we talk and email daily during the course of the transaction, and with that, we become quite familiar with each other’s lives and routines.  We share stories which go beyond real estate, delving into the personal about our kids and pets and how we feel today.  Clients have met my family, joined us boating at the lake, taken pictures of our dogs.  They invite me to their weddings and baby showers and parties.  They sometimes call for relationship advice or where to buy a good burger.  One client currently under contract is pregnant, so we begin our conversations with “how are you feeling today?  are you so excited to be having a girl?”  My business is so personal.

Today I received this special and oh-so-personal poem.  It was written by a past client whom I met at the park where we all run.  And I recently sold their home.

She’s up in the morning awake with the dawn

   Checks her computer and then she is gone

   Out for a run in the brisk morning air

   Back for a shower and washing her hair

   A quick bite to eat, she’s ready to go

   Staging a house so it’s ready to show

   Back in the office she answers her phone

   Wishing some clients would leave her alone

    Off then to school to pick up her child

   Gotta be careful cause traffic is wild

   She sits down to dinner and gets a brief rest

   Knowing that this day she gave it her best

   Early to bed with her pillow and dog

   Once again in the morning, she goes out for her jog.


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