A Thoughtful Gift

Gift House IIIIt means so much when people say thank you!  Recently some clients of mine not only said it, but they made this adorable house for me.  It even has a sign in the front with my name on it.  The roof comes off, and there is storage inside, so now I keep all of my client thank-you notes in there.  I proudly display it here in my office, on the shelf above my desk.  Each day I look at it and feel happy knowing that people appreciate my work.

In this fast-paced world it’s easy to forget to say thanks, to forget to compliment someone on a job well-done.  But those little things can really make someone’s day.  Sometimes when I am feeling low, I pull this house out and re-read the client thank-you notes.  I am reminded of their kindness and gratitude.  I am reminded of their families, their houses, the experience of helping them.  Thanks to all of you!


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