3945 Gorge View Place Photo Journal

3945 Gorge View Place is an impeccably maintained 4-level home located in a truly unique neighborhood. Sunset Mesa, is a hidden gem of a neighborhood right in the heart of Northeast Colorado Springs


Gorge View Exterior


This exterior shot is a 3 exposure HDR image. We used the aspen tree to the right in order to block the sun which was behind the house when we shot this. The leaves provided a nice bright green accent in the upper right hand corner. Additionally, the position of the sun kept the living areas full of natural light for the entire shoot.


Gorge View Kitchen


In this Kitchen, we wanted to capture a clean, even feel while bringing attention to the hardwood floors. In order to accomplish this we used a 7 bracket "Exposure Fusion".


gorgeview familyroom


This Family Room was located at the back of the house, there was a ton of sunlight streaming in through the windows. We did a 9 bracket fusion. This allowed us to show the room as it appears to the eye. Notice you can see foliage through the window. A standard image would have shown the window as completely "blown out" (over exposed).



Backyard Picture


The backyard was a 3 exposure HDR tone compression image. We shot it this way because there was such a wide contrast between the shaded and sunny areas. Tone Compression seems to work really well in this kind of setting.


gorgeview diningroom


gorgeview livingroom


gorgeview nook


The remaining images are 7 bracket "Exposure Fusions". We shot this way because we wanted to have a clean even look on the inside while maintaining the view through the windows into this beautiful lot.


For more information on this house please visit: https://www.springshomes.com/mls/2577820-3945-Gorge-View-PL-Colorado-Springs-CO-80918

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