Colorado Springs Real Estate Broker Associate Joe Boylan

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What You Need to Know About Joe

Joe's Favorite Client: Joe loves nerds. Get Joe and a nerd in a room together and there is no getting a word in edge-wise. Find a nerd who loves football, and it's all over, sit and watch it all unfold.

Joe's Favorite Neighborhood: You can take the boy out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the boy. Joe grew up in New York and will forever be a city person. Give him a winning lottery ticket and he is buying a loft in Central Colorado Springs on Tejon Street.

Joe's Favorite Thing to Do When No One is Watching: One hint....they are big and shiny. If you guessed the tuba, you are right on. Between giving youth lessons, practicing for his Brass Band and doing guest appearances, their is a lot of tuba in the Boylan house. Poor Jennifer. If you guessed something else, get you mind out of the gutter.

Joe's Approach to Home Buying: Joe is a listener. So if you can articulate what you are looking for, Joe is your man.

Joe's Greatst Accomplishment: No, he didn't invent the internet. I can't believe you fell for that!

See Joe in Action


Joe has been one of our Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents since 1997 and as a first year agent, Joe received the Real Trends Magazine, "Rookie of the Year" Award. Since then Joe has participated in hundreds of transactions. Additionally, Joe is a Charter member of the exclusive luxury-marketing group, Elite-25, Joe and Jennifer have consistently been ranked in the top 1% of Realtors in the Pike Peak Region.

Joe is a graduate of The Juilliard School and prior to his career in real estate worked as a professional musician, playing in orchestras and chamber groups in the United States and Europe. This experience fostered a strong work ethic and discipline. Joe leads the way in our development creative ways to use technology to market homes. Additionally, Joe has extensive knowledge about the home building process and works closely with our Custom Home Builder partners. Joe's experience and knowledge make him a valuable resource for our company as well as his clients.  

We are happy to help out Buyers or Sellers at any stage of the process, no question is too small. Are you interested in learning what your home is worth? We can help with that too. Drop us a line and we can get you the answers you are looking for.


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